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Truck Driving Schools

There are numerous options in the truck driving schools market. This is because there are varying levels of programs, with each offering you something different. There are private institutions, public (or state funded) institutions, and company-sponsored institutions.

At MTC Truck Driver Training, we are a company-sponsored institution. This means that we work with some of today's top truck companies to secure funding for our students' training, as well as jobs for every student upon graduation. The difference between our program and other private or public schools is that we give you real-world experience and a real job. Other schools simply train you and leave you to your own devices in the industry.

The MTC Advantage over Other Truck Driver Schools
MTC Truck Driver Training is the only option for men and women ages 21 to 60 who are serious about driving for a living. We are professional and goal-oriented, which means we will work hard every step of the way to make sure you have the necessary skills to be a marketable driver. This is the advantage we have over other schools and training centers.

The industry desperately needs drivers. However, this does not imply that companies will hire just anyone. While the demand is high, the standards for hiring are high as well, to ensure safety and effective driving techniques. At our school, we have relationships with the biggest truck driving companies to prove our renown in the business. Call us today or apply online to begin your new career.

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